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Vulcan Descaler

Glenergy is supplier of renewable energy solutions to the Irish commercial and residential sectors. The Glenergy team brings years of sales and engineering expertise to its customers and provides a comprehensive suite of energy efficient products and services that include heat pumps, solar panels, underfloor heating and combined heat and power (CHP). Many of our customers have hard water issues that cause problems with their heating systems.

The “Glen” in Glenergy refers to our sister company, Glen Fuels. Glen Fuels is one of Ireland’s largest oil distributors with a customer base of around 30,000 customers, largely in rural areas with hard water.

For these reasons Glenergy sought an innovative solution to hard water issues for our customers as well as those of Glen Fuels. We are delighted to be bringing the Vulcan to Ireland, a unique and beautifully designed product from CWT that is an Eco-Friendly alternative to hard water treatment. We already have a number of satisfied customers who have reported instant results when using the Vulcan.

If you would like to discuss more the benefits of the Vulcan product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Glenergy Team


Vulcan Descaler in Ireland
Authorized Distributor

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